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Dank vapes cartridges price, This Dank Vapes are not legit (meaning “licensed”) business, so there is no guarantee of quality or safety from anything of Flavors. The first sign that you might have a knock-off Dank Vapes cart can be found on the box. If it looks like an older design, it’s pretty safe to assume it’s fake at this point. Dank Vapes’ newer design features a black background for all flavors (previous boxes featured an array of different colors.

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There are many minor factors that come in play when it comes to identifying fake Dank Vapes. First off, from now on they should be the black packaging. Receiving an old package can either mean the company wants to get rid of it still, or it’s fake. Ever since the change, they’ve only been promoting this packaging on their Instagram and stopped posting about the old packaging.

Something that Dank Vapes prides themselves the most is their taste. You should know if your Dank is legit when it taste’s identical, if not better than whatever strain you have. If it’s too light of a taste or a harsh, metal taste, than they might be pre-filled with artificial flavors.

Because of this, the black market started to take advantage of this opportunity and decided to fulfill these orders themselves. Chinese manufacturers sell packaging in bulk for the purpose of being refill with any kind of oil people please. This causes many fake vendors to sell these Dank Vapes with unknown distillate, possibly containing harmful pesticides and artificial flavors.

This is very unfortunate, for we did personally believe for these Dank Vapes to taste amazing! In our old Dank Vapes review, it really did show to give an amazing high and very savory cartridges. Although we did love them, our analysis has to go against their reliability.

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Hearing about this at first did surprise me and lowered their credibility. They’ve failed multiple times in lab tests, containing several types of pesticides. Also, they ranked as low as 65% THC.  Shown below are their most recent lab results;

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